Cajun Custom Saddle 15"

This is an older Custom Made Tripping Saddle made by Cajun Custom Saddles Ft. Worth, Texas This saddle has a Severe Bros. Pendleton Oregon Tree and Andrews Hardware. This saddle has been taken care and would make a good Ranch Or Trail Saddle or whatever you want it is a very comfortable Saddle. Cajun made Saddles With George and Jim Murray in Ft. Worth, Texas. George made Saddles at Windy Ryons for years. This Saddle is made like they use to make Custom Saddles . If you have any Questions call or Text me Censored: LISTING EMAIL ADDRESSES, PAYMENT INFORMATION, PHONE NUMBERS, OR WEBSITES IS PROHIBITED. FURTHER VIOLATIONS WILL LEAD TO IMMEDIATE ACCOUNT SUSPENSION!

New or Used: Used
Owner or Dealer: Owner
Saddle Size: 15"