ReactorPanel Avant Garde Dressade Saddle 17" / 13.75"

EQ Saddle Science/RP Extra Wide Tree Serial number 5015

Very good condition. It has light wear marks but no significant scratches nor other damage. Very lightly used over several years. Always stored in climate controlled conditions. Saddle comes with 23" standard panels, 4 thin discs, 2 medium discs, RP black square dressage pad, green fleece pad, and saddle cover. Also available 28" Ovation gel girth. Can add leathers & irons if needed.

"The Avant Garde dressage saddle has a traditional deep seat and high cantle which are not at all confining to the rider. With a narrowed twist, this saddle suits women with narrow pelvises, and also many men. Thigh blocks velcro onto the saddle underneath the flap, and are easily adjustable for maximum comfort and support. The shorter flap on the Avant Garde accommodates riders with shorter thighs.

Like all EQ flapped saddles, the Avant Garde ships with four billets on each side to find the ideal combination of stability for the saddle and comfort for the horse."

New or Used: Used
Owner or Dealer: Owner
Saddle Size: 17"