Used Western Saddle-Price McLaughlin

Price McLaughlin Western Saddle. Condition is Used. I'm the second owner. The previous owner had the seat fixed. Which they did a great job on. The leather will need to be replaced on the jockey part as shown in the photo. I also replaced the stirrups. So they are brand new, maybe had 3 rides on them. 15in seat F.Q.H.B 7 1/2in gullet Fully tooled. This saddle is in great shape It is beautiful It has been used a little over the years, but not abused. Price McLaughlin is deceased and his saddles are very valuable. Pice McLaughlin saddles are the worlds greatest saddles! He is a famous saddle maker in history. In the year 2000, he was voted the best saddle maker of the 20th Century! His saddles are the most sought after saddles on earth today. They hold their value better than any other brand of saddle and always will. They ride better and last longer than any other saddle. To Price, leatherwork was an art. At one time Price had as many as fourteen people working for him in his shop and in spite of all the help, he never made the jump to a production type saddle. All saddles were handmade. Usually the saddles were shipped the day they were finished with rarely any saddles in inventory. Price sold his saddles through word of mouth and in addition to the horsemen from the horse show world, Price built saddles for such notables as Tanya Tucker, Lynn Anderson, President Lyndon Johnson, Wild Bill Elliot, The (Original) Lone Ranger and even two for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia! You will enjoy the balance and comfort as well as close feel this saddle provides.

New or Used: Used
Owner or Dealer: Owner
Saddle Size: 15"