#1 Rated Biting Fly Trap ( 2 year Cornell University Study)

I must admit that I was not sure if the strange looking contraption we had put together was going to do any good with the tons of biting flies we have here in NC.

We sat back and looked at it wondering what technology it used and if it was really going to work on our fly infestation.

The next day I was blown away when I walked to the barn and saw the bottom tray FILLED with dead flies and bugs. The top tray was almost overflowing.

I emptied it and waited until that evening, figuring it had to be a fluke, certainly it did not work that well.

Only 11 hours later, the top tray was filled again. The bottom was nearly filled.

The horses not only got used to it very quickly, but stayed around it during the heat of the day, not swishing their tails nor stomping their feet. It didn’t take them long to figure out that was the best place to hang out and graze fly free!

That trap will be the first thing I put up every spring and the last thing I put away in the fall.

Lorraine Price

Wendell, NC

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