Manure Spreader Composter

A One-of-a-Kind, customized and upgraded Model 100 spreader. The standard wood side panels have been replaced with 1/8” heavy-gauge aluminum as the original wood panels that it came with from the manufacturer aren’t designed to withstand our Arizona climate. Furthermore, aluminum lids were added to provide reduction and control of fly production. The aluminum side panels are welded to the hopper in lieu of using nut-&-bolt fasteners to ensure long-term endurance.

Manufacturer’s Specifications are:

● Price from Factory is $1,295

● Ideal for 1-4 stalls

● Durable, mill-finish aluminum, 1/8" thick hopper

● Lightweight - approx. 110 lbs (empty)

● Balanced, fully or partially loaded

● Solid tires (no more flat tires!)

● Smooth and quiet discharge of the manure and bedding

● Empties the load in about 200 feet

● Holds 8 cubic feet of material, approximately 7 bushels

● Fits through most standard 4 ft. wide stall doors

More information is available at Manufacturer’s Website:

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