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The HorseBuff Equestrian Marketplace is the fastest and safest way to buy and sell horse tack and other equestrian gear quickly and safely at a great price!

Our huge advertising, marketing, and promotion budget will ensure that your equestrian items are seen by the widest available audience allowing you to sell faster at a better price, or buy from a wider selection of items that include some amazing deals.

HorseBuff is the most popular buying and selling destination for Equestrian gear.  We have the lowest selling fees in the industry while continuing to maintain the largest Equestrian specific advertising and promotion budget among all of our competitors, including that big auction site.

List your items for free, quickly and easily, and conduct your buying and selling in a trusted Equestrian Marketplace with all its safeguards.  Whether you are an individual or business, buying or selling, you will benefit from one of largest online gatherings of people like yourself buying and selling horse tack and other equestrian gear.

HorseBuff Frequently Asked Questions

Does charge a fee to sell items on it's marketplace?
Listing is free!   After the sale charges a 7% fee on all sales and shipping charges.  You will be invoiced via email at the end of each month.  If the item sells outside of HorseBuff, just end your listing, and pay nothing.

Do I need a PayPal account to sell items on

Yes, you use your PayPal account to get paid.  Connecting to your PayPal account is easy.  It is done on PayPal’s servers so we never have access to your account.  PayPal is used by over 203 million users worldwide and is safe, secure, and trusted.

Many of us are individual sellers but everyone needs to use a totally free PayPal Business account as it provides assurance that all sellers are real and includes additional protections for both buyers and sellers.  Upgrading your existing PayPal account or creating a new one takes about ninety seconds, and is free of charge.  There are no additional PayPal costs involved.

It just allows you to collect money from buyers through our marketplace.  To upgrade to a PayPal Business account, go to  If you are an individual, just enter your own name when PayPal asks for a "business name".

Is HorseBuff Safe and Secure?
Safety and security is our top priority since it’s needed for the marketplace and its citizens to thrive as they do. 

PayPal protection for buyers keeps you safe.  “If an order doesn’t arrive or it doesn’t match the description, we’ll reimburse the full cost of eligible purchases plus original shipping.” - PayPal

PayPal protection for sellers offers protected sales.  “If you’re sent an unauthorized payment or a buyer claims they didn’t receive their item, Seller Protection helps you keep the full payment amount.” - PayPal

All sellers are required to use a totally free PayPal business account ensuring they are real people and helps provide additional security and safety for both buyers and sellers. To upgrade to a PayPal Business account, go to

HorseBuff also has a security team that monitors listings, sales, messages, buyers, and sellers for safety.   We run buyers, sellers, listings, and sales through a series of additional compliance and validation checks to help things run smoothly.  Of course we are also always here to help with anything and can often quickly resolve any issues or questions. 

Do you offer returns and product trials?
The option to offer returns and product trials is up to the seller.  If information about returns and product trials is not specified in the items listing just message the seller to ask about them.  We encourage sellers to offer a product trial period for saddles since it greatly increases the sales rate.

If you are a seller and your buyer wants to return an item, simply use your PayPal account to refund the purchase price after you have received the item back from the buyer. 

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