Verhan Odyssey One 2010 Dressage Saddle 18" Semi-Adjustable

Verhan Odyssey One 2010 Dressage Saddle

Beautiful dressage saddle with upgraded buffalo leather and ideal knee rolls. Sold with saddle cover, Passier stirrup leathers and JP Korsteel irons. All consignment saddles sold with a five day trial period.

Tree size: Medium to MW

Tree type: Semi-Adjustable

Seat depth: Medium-Deep

Official / Stamped Seat Size: 18"

Seat Size Feels Like: 17 3/4"

Flap length: 17"

Flap position: Straighter

Panel type: Wool flocked

Condition: Good

Tree: This saddle's tree measures out medium to medium wide. The tree and panels are upswept at the rear.

Seat: 18" seat is soft and moderately deep with a narrow twist. It sits fairly true to size, perhaps slightly smaller than 18"

Flaps: Average to straighter position flaps measure just slightly long at a little over 17" from the stirrup bar down. Upgraded Sprenger stirrup bars. Excellent knee rolls for ideal leg placement.

Color: Black.

Leather: Soft and grippy calfskin type leather on the seat, knee pad and panels with a tough buffalo type leather on the flaps.

Year of Manufacture: 2010

Panels: Super soft wool-flocked panels have a nice 4-5-finger width gullet channel throughout. The rear panels sweep up for a curvy and/or short backed horse.

Condition: Good condition for a saddle of this age. One blemish on the cantle. Could use a little conditioning but no cracks or tears in the leather are present.

Cost New: $4200 or more. Listed by owner -Saddle is in consignment shop in Vero Beach. Please contact owner as well. Thanks!

New or Used: Used
Owner or Dealer: Owner
Saddle Size: 18"