New Hit-Air Advantage Airbag Vest with Zipper

I'm hoping someone out there is looking for a Hit-Air Riding Vest. I bought it after my first riding lesson ... where I got thrown off and broke 4 ribs. Not a good start at 63 y/o.

I ordered it, but by the time my ribs were healed, I ended up going through a divorce and no longer have my horse. I never wore the vest.

This is the Western discipline vest ... it uses a zipper up the center instead of the typical strap and buckle fasteners. That way if you get thrown, there are no straps to get hung up on the saddle horn. However, it could also be used for English riding.

It's categorized as size 3XL to 5XL. I'm 6'0", 270, with a 46" waist

It comes with extra accessories such as harness side padding, back padding, chest protector, and two CO2 cartridges.

I paid over $770 for it in all (see the invoice). It comes with everything that you'd get if you bought it new, and more.

New or Used: New
Owner or Dealer: Owner