Solar Powered Automated Horse Feeder

The Master orse Feeder is a programmable, solar powered and revolutionary horse feeder.

It will save you time and hay waste and requires no maintenance. It also contributes to control your horses' diet.

How it works :

Program the times you want to feed your horses and how long you want them to eat using the Feeder's keyboard.

The doors will automatically open following your


When the Feeder is empty, simply pivot it horizontally to access the top lid and fill it with new hay bales.

Features :

- 6 hay bales capacity

- 2 Solar panels

- 2 doors

- Easy to use keyboard

- Made from aluminum

- Stand alone

- 3 years warranty.

Like we love to say here at MasterHorse Feeder : Feeding horses has never been so easy!

Special price for a limited time only (Regular price 4 000$)

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