Quality (St. Croix Forge) Clippers, "Stall Jack", and more.

Absolutely everything needed to trim and shoe horses. Top quality hoof clippers (St. Croix Forge), Stall Jack, Aluminun Hoof Stand, Shoe Pullers, Top quality sharp Rasps (Heller Rasps), Shoe Shaping Hammer (6 lb), Shoe Nailing Hammer, Nail Crimpers, Nail Cutters, 7 sets of Assorted New Diamond and "Sure Fit" Horse Shoes (0,00, and 2s), Horse Shoe Nails, 2 Hoof Trimming Knifes, portable Horse Twitch, Magnetic Wrist Nail Holder, Portable Black Nylon "roll-up" Carrying Case (great for road trips or camping), Black Tool Box (in photo). All is very little used. Only shoed 1 horse twice.

New or Used: Used
Owner or Dealer: Owner