Drag Harrow

Premium Design Drag Harrows - Redback Triangle & Chain Harrows - Now available in USA & Canada.

- The spike’s, the levelling bar and spreading chain allow you to achieve three key benefits, all in one pass.

- In pasture the scarifying spikes remove dead grasses and promote moisture penetration and new grass growth. In sand and bare dirt the spikes will loosen up the surface.

- Middle levelling bar levels off bumps in your paddocks, and can be used smash down & level material in applications such as manure spreading and driveway levelling.

- Premium design and usage of steel, (the Redback design maximises contact with the ground in the rear half, to create a good level surface & spreads manure evenly for even regrowth)

- Deal directly with the Redback Agri - Specialists in pasture improvement and arena grooming.

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