Western Tack - Saddles, Headstalls, Blankets, Bags, Ropes...

The time has come to let go of the tack that held my "maybe someday, I will have horses again" idea.

My release is your great deal!

It all must go AND the more you buy the better the deal.

Here is the list. Please see all pictures too.

16" Leather Pleasure Saddle with cinch - $225

16" Leather lightweight pleasure saddle - $60

Large green saddle bag - $20

Nylon headstalls with bit and reins (1 purple, 2 black) - $15 each

Nylon red reins with bit - $8

Lead Ropes - $5 each

30' Lunge Lines - $8 each

Leather Headstalls with bit and reins - $18 each

Grooming carrier - $5

Saddle Blankets - $8 each

Halters $5 each

Odds & ends - hoof pick, brushes, crops, breast straps, misc. leather pieces, etc. - make offers.

New or Used: Used
Owner or Dealer: Owner
Saddle Size: 16"