Balance Matrix General Purpose Jump Saddle (GPJ) 17"

Brown, Regular Width, seat size C.

Comes with the BALANCE pad system (a regular thickness fleece lined pad, ½” base pad, Pro-Complete Large ¼" JB Pad, and Remedial A Pad)

I bought the saddle used in July 2012 and it has been really great. Comes with adjustable/removable knee blocks. It’s in great condition with some aging along the seam on the seat. Also has mounting holes from a name plate on the back. Serial # 3680.

Price includes shipping. Does not include stirrups.

Amazing saddle and pad system to allow the horse to have freedom of movement under the saddle and build topline muscles. Here’s a link to more information about the BALANCE MATRIX saddle:

and you can also read articles on the website for more information about the saddling system

New or Used: Used
Owner or Dealer: Owner
Saddle Size: 17"