Bates Innova Dressage Saddle Adjustable Tree 17.5"

Used Bates Innova Dressage Saddle I'm the only owner. Best saddle I've ever owned! Literally fitted every horse I put this on(various trees in of course)!! From X-wide Andalusian to narrow Thoroughbred, always amazingly comfortable for horse and rider. My horse moved so much better after purchasing this saddle. Sadly I have no more horses, and need to sell. I paid $3,299 for this superb saddle brand new. It's gorgeous, can't say enough about it. Serial#: V06111075-1E Color: Black Tree Width: Adjustable Tree: Black Plate Installed (wide) will also include x-wide tree. All other sizes available for $20 online Flap: 15.5" from bottom of stirrup bar Seat Size: 17.5" Condition/Features: Good Condition. CAIR Panels. XCH System. Please message me if you would like additional pictures of this item.

New or Used: Used
Owner or Dealer: Owner
Saddle Size: 17.5"